All-Star Batman #1 sees The Dark Knight as good as he’s ever been.

We’ll put it out there. This is a brilliant Batman story. This is Bruce Wayne at his best. This is every single villain at their best. Hell, this is Alfred on top form. The premise of the story is that Two-Face has offered every single person in the state millions of dollars if they kill Batman and set him free. Literally, everyone. It makes Batman prime target #1. And so comes this weird, road trip aspect of the issue. It’s something so unique that we haven’t really seen before in a Batman comic, that we can’t help but fall in love with it.

Whilst All-Star Batman #1 starts out in the sticks in a diner, don’t let it fool you. It’s still action packed and full of life. Whether it be Moth-Man trying to melt Bats with acid, or a bunch of supposedly friendly diners and staff turning on the vigilante – it’s a thrill ride. We honestly couldn’t read this issue fast enough. And the legendary art of John Romita is partly responsible for this. Batman looks absolutely incredible drawn in Romita’s signature style. He’s an intimidating, yet clearly impressive figure, and he looks as good as he ever has.

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The issue also gives us a smaller, more compact story focusing on Duke, Batman’s new partner. And he’s not Robin, he’s not Nightwing… but a new partner. “Something more” are the words used. And it’s quite refreshing to see that he hasn’t been relegated to side-kick status. But Bruce is definitely teaching him, calling back to teaching Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl. Unfortunately, the kid still looks like a gold Power Ranger with that helmet though. Even down to the little ear marks on the top of his helmet. But we’re intrigued to see where it leads.

So to summarise, All-Star Batman #1 is easily our favourite new Batman story this year. It’s funny, it’s violent and completely captivating. Two-Face and Harvey Dent are easily distinguishable to begin with, but we can’t help but think those lines will begin to blur soon enough. We’ll be anticipating #2 greatly.

Don’t miss this new Batman story, it’s brilliant.

9.7 Incredible.

A new Batman story that shows us just how good The Dark Knight can be.

  • John Romita's art 10
  • Roadtrip 9
  • Two Face's proposition 10

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