So we’ve returned to Squadron Supreme after blindly jumping into the series last month. We found it hard to follow what was going on, but that’s our own fault mainly – it follows a team of extremely powerful beings such as Hyperion. Anyway, this issue seems them plan to destroy a machine that’s generating black holes; you know, typical villain things. Who tries to stop them is surprising though.

Blue Marvel, a traditional good guy, is the guy who catches them before they arrive to put a stop to the machine. He has a perfect counter to each and ever hero and knew they were coming. But how? Civil War II comes into play at this point. After they manage to flee the scene, the actual Power Princess (the hero Warrior Woman pretended to be) finds them in their secret base and explains the deal with Ulysses – as well as the superhero community.

Ulysses foresaw that Warrior Woman would resurrect Namor in a bid for world domination, and the Squadron Supreme find out she’s already attacking the Baxter Building (which Peter Parker owns) in an attempt to steal Reed Richards’ time machine that he left behind. The next issue teases the return of Namor, Spider-Man getting involved, and a big battle. Sounds good!

It’s great to have another comic that is actually influenced by Civil War II instead of just being labelled up with it in a bid to increase the readership. Whether this comic influences the main comic is yet to be seen, though it seems rather unlikely.

8.3 Awesome

The Squadron Supreme learn about Ulysses and Civil War in Issue #10.

  • Civil War II tie-in 9
  • Storyline 8
  • Artwork 7
  • Potential 9

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