In case you’re not up to date… Deadpool killed Spider-Man. That is, he killed Peter Parker, not realizing that his victim was his new bestest buddy’s secret identity! Turns out, Mysterio was behind it all, hiring Deadpool to take Parker out so he could take over as CEO, President and otherwise Big Cheese of Parker Industries.

Because he’s cool like that, Deadpool reneged on the job and literally dragged Parker back from purgatory. What a guy! However, Mysterio’s plan turned out to be a ruse to distract our heroes from the real threat – Patient Zero. This mysterious maniac is an expect at horrifying genetic mutants, DNA splicing… real delightful stuff. He also has a beatiful, mysterious woman holed up in a high-rise, and has been giving her transfusions of both Deadpool and Spider-Man’s blood. Hmm.. However, that’s all irrelevant compared to the real shocker, Deadpool took off his mask and was drop dead handsome again!

This issue features plenty of animal-humans – that’s the only way to describe them – and plenty of violence. The latter is something we’ve come to expect after nine issues of this run, and it suits these characters perfectly. The squad of humans-turned-animals (such as gibbons, squids, oxs) are just a subplot though, making way for the real threat towards the end of the story. This threat is called Itsy Bitsy. She is the result of a woman fed with both of the title character’s blood. She’s a freakishly-looking individual with way too many arms, and we’re sure she’ll get in the way on multiple occasions.

Seeing Deadpool devilishly handsome again is strange, but the artist has done a great job with it. Not just with Wade, but with the whole story. The genetically-manipulated team of villains are hilariously accurate to what we’d imagine an animal/human hybrid would look like, and seeing them in epic action sequences against Spidey and Pooley is great.

9.1 Amazing

Spider-Man and Deadpool start to become best friends just as a freakish mutated woman arrives on the scene.

  • Deadpool's marriage problems 9
  • Spidey/Pooley dynamic 9
  • Itsy Bitsy 9.5
  • Artwork 9

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