Spider-Man 2099 #1 is a brilliantly written issue.

Spider-Man 2099 has always been an odd type of character, a futuristic version of Spider-Man from the year (you guessed it), 2099. And it would be easy to think that it would be difficult to start reading such a complex character. This isn’t the case however. The first issue of the new series quickly sums up why Miguel O’Hara is trapped in our present day. The story from then onwards is intriguing, worrying and honestly funny. It’s quite easy to get behind Miguel as a protagonist, and he’s very likeable. But with well known characters like Peter Parker and The Scorpion to support the story, it only gets better.

The writing is brutally funny, and in the issue’s opening Miguel completes the American Ninja Warrior course in 29 seconds with ease. Why wouldn’t a superhero use his abilities to do things like this? It’s almost similar to Peter parker entering the wrestling tournament in his origin story. The story from then on revolves around the prison that sets the futuristic (and certainly) villainous company Alchemax off to a flying start. But since Parker Industries has closed down the plans, the government gets involved. Is it possible that Alchemax will always be an inevitability?

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The writing of the issue is so self aware it’s brilliant. With references to worries about Donald Trump – to the on the nose quote about terrorism that really hits home. The author, Peter David, really has managed to write a real world story with superheroes inside it. With these type of small off-the-cuff references, it helps make the characters seem a little more relatable. The winning formula for any writer. We were consistently impressed throughout. The issue’s ending had a shocking cliffhanger on both a personal level and on a tragic one.

It’s a story that whilst is light of superhero antics, is brilliant on character development. It just shows that you can write a brilliant superhero story without having the characters suit up every five seconds. Don’t miss out on Miguel O’Hara in Spider-Man 2099 #1.

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9.0 Brilliantly written

Proving that a superhero story can be character driven just as well as the tight costumes and heroics.

  • Miguel stars on ninja warrior 8.5
  • Writing 10
  • Time Travel 8
  • Character Development 9.5

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