Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #1 follows a younger Jax as he’s a prospect for the club.

Fans of the SoA, rejoice – this is the follow up you’ve been waiting for. Whilst it’s technically a prequel to the series, it sates the need left by the series’ end. And it has to be said, Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #1 perfectly captures each character, each atmosphere and every moment of violence. It’s as if the characters have jumped straight from the screen onto the page. And we couldn’t love it any more. It’s honestly such a good read.

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The writers have captured Jax’s personality perfectly. Seeing the way in which he fights and acts during confrontations are spot on with Charlie Hunnam’s style of acting in the series. And we also begin to see the seeds of his doubt manifest surrounding his father JT’s death. It’s a great way of foreshadowing, and clearly a little wink at the fans that are aware about the events from the series. The issue is also a little strange, as it brings back waves of nostalgia as it re-introduces us to lovable characters that we’d almost forgotten about. Opie, specifically. We didn’t particularly know much about him before the club, so seeing that extra bit of character history was a treat.

We have to mention the artwork of the issue too. It’s so visually striking and unique, using a certain set of colours to help set the tone and aesthetic of the story. It also sets apart the violence in the issue, as it really comes out of the page when the characters get involved in the action. It’s great to see that BOOM! Studios haven’t done a straight up adaptation of the main series, but something outside of it. It also gives them the creative license to give the fans some extra stories to bring them back into the world of Samcro.

Sons of Anarchy: Redwood Original #1 is a must read for fans of the brilliant series.

9.3 A nostalgic, vicious ride.

Fans of the brilliant tv series definitely don't want to miss this.

  • Art style 9.5
  • From screen to page 10
  • Plot 8.5

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