Sons of Anarchy fans, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ll be getting a prequel, unfortunately it’s just not of the live-action form we’d like it to be.

The prequel, Redwood Original, will focus on an 18 year old Jax Teller as he navigates his way through club life whilst figuring out how to deal with life without a prominent father figure. He’s still coming to terms with the death of his father, John Teller. The comic book will feature characters from the show like Gemma, Clay and the all-time fan favourite… Opie. Ollie Masters, author of the new series, had this to say when asked about the new Sons of Anarchy prequel:

“It’s Jax prospecting to become a full club member, this is a story about him proving himself — to the club, to their enemies and allies and to himself. What I’ve tried to do is think about where they are in that first season, think about how they got there and have that be my outline for the characters, It’s a delicate tight rope walk. You don’t want to lose the core of the characters, what made them so compelling in the first place, but at the same time, you don’t want to just retread what happened with them in the show.”

It’s the second time that Boom! Studios have written a Sons of Anarchy comic book, with the previous 25 issues taking place between the fifth and sixth seasons. Kurt Sutter clearly trusts the publishers with the content or there would be no way that he would allow this to be greenlit. The Sons of Anarchy return in ‘Redwood Original’ and will be available digitally and in stores from August 3rd.

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