Skybourne #2 embraces the weird.

We absolutely loved the first issue from BOOM! Studios. It was fast-paced, action packed and completely immersed the reader into the action. Skybourne #2 gives us the information we need to fully understand what’s going on. It also provides a puzzle piece linking back to the first issue that gives a little more context in a very surprising way. The issue introduces us to another of the Skybourne siblings, Thomas. And as we get to know him a little better it’s clear that he’s extremely flawed. He’s dealing with a survivors complex after the death of his wife, and he’s nowhere ready to be a super-spy.

But, flawed characters are always more interesting to read. His part of the story links back to a confusing panel from the first issue that suddenly makes complete sense. As we delve further into the story, it’s clear that Thomas has a long way to go before he can save the world from impending doom. And he better hurry up, because things aren’t looking good – because the writers have made a bold choice in fully embracing the mystical and the weird. And by weird, we mean dragons, monsters and wizards. Surprisingly, this isn’t a complaint.

We haven’t met the third Skybourne sibling just yet, and we think he’ll play into the villain’s story somehow. It feels like James Bond meets King Arthur, and we’re completely okay with that. A spy thriller dealing with mysticism and fighting monsters? Yes please. Trust us, it sounds completely bonkers – but it works a treat. It also proves to have heart and humour, giving this story a little more substance than the average blend of genres.  With a whole host of intriguing characters, Skybourne #2 is a unique and entertaining read that is genuinely a lot of fun.

9.1 Brilliant
  • Plot 9.3
  • Characters 8.9
  • James Bond meets King Arthur 9

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