The Skeptics #2 introduces us a little further to Maxwell and Mary.

After the brilliant first issue, the writers take the time to let the audience get to know the pair a little better. We begin to see their partnership form. Although we can’t say we’re sold on the flirting going on between the two. However, we love their inventive and mischievous nature that has clearly solidified their friendship. Some of their dialogue is perfectly quippy and clever – it would be hard not to like them. Especially when they use their deception of having powers to their advantage. They’re shown to be hugely resourceful and sneaky – bringing that 60’s spy element to the story that works so well.

The main plot of the The Skeptics #2 balanced Mary’s backstory with the pair being broadcast on live television. it gave us an interesting insight into her personality and how she came to be in this position. We also get to see the U.S. using the pair to negotiate with the Soviet pair of supposedly super powered beings too. It’s a fascinating concept, using superpowers as a means of political negotiations. Although it doesn’t trade off a politically based plot for light humour though, as it still manages to keep it’s fun attitude across the issue.

The end of the issue raised a couple of questions. Especially given that Maxwell had previously shown no signs of being flighty or nervous – it did seem to come out of nowhere. Seeing the pair interact with the Soviets didn’t feel wholly right. Not because it was a bad plot point, but because something felt afoot. It’s likely that the Soviets have a trick or two up their sleeves at this junction in the story. Overall, The Skeptics #2 is still a fun comic, even if it does slow down a little in places. We thoroughly recommend this series.

8.9 Great
  • Plot 8.9
  • Characters 9
  • Politically Charged 8.9

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