Unlike other Civil War II tie-in issues, Scarlet Witch #9 fits into the event perfectly. The great thing is that this issue is so much more than a tie-in for the war. It fits in, yet stands on its own too – exploring the sibling relationship between the title character and Quicksilver. Since the beginning of this run Wanda has been learning about herself more and more, as well as fully getting to grips with her extremely powerful gifts.

Wanda’s a very different person to who she used to be, don’t expect her to be decimating mutants or killing Avengers any time soon – she’s more powerful now, but she knows how to conduct herself too. Her relationship with her brother really feels the strain of Civil War II and it’s genuinely a fascinating read. We all know Quicksilver is arrogant and rude, but Wanda has matured a lot so the way she handles his personality has changed over the years. This issue goes a long way to reflect bullying in real life – it displays how to stand up to somebody who’s not being nice to you, whether they’re family or not.

Scarlet Witch

Wanda isn’t afraid to stand for what she believes in, which is a big theme in Civil War II. Solid social statements like this can be rare in comics and this makes this issue even more important. We’ve (nearly) always liked Wanda, but this comic has made us a huge fan. The artwork is impeccable; even the delightful colour work helps to visualize the emotion and intensity found in the story. Scarlet Witch has a new artist in every issue, and Joelle Jones has pulled it out of the bag to deliver our favourite so far.

In case you can’t tell already, this book is bloody outstand and we heavily recommend it. Whether you’re familiar with this series or Civil War II, you do not want to miss this. We don’t know where Pietro and Wandra will go from here, and that only adds to the excitement for Issue #10.

9.8 Outstanding

Scarlet Witch is no longer afraid to stand up to her brother, Quicksilver, in Issue #9 - a Civil War II tie-in.

  • Scarlet Witch's development 10
  • Artwork 10
  • Sibling dynamic 9.5
  • Storyline 10
  • Civil War II tie-in 9.5

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