Savage is the latest original comic from Valiant Entertainment, but what’s it about? Well, it starts off with a ruthless young guy fighting for his life, and succeeding, against a dinosaur. It’s a great start, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The introduction was the present day, but the rest of this issue is set firmly in the past. Specifically, it follows Kevin, a footballer who’s losing popularity every day, and his significant other, Ronnie. They have three kids together, but they’re on a plane together with just one of them.

It’s a particularly stormy day, and of course, things go wrong. The plane typically crash-lands nearer a (seemingly) deserted island, and they scramble to the surface. A bit later, they’re running low on supplies so Kevin decides to inspect the island further… and he finds a dinosaur. That’s how this issue ends, and we’re imagining the kid from the introduction is the baby. How does he get to that point? We’re excited to find out.

So far, this plot feels similar besides the huge prehistoric creatures. We’ve seen in many mediums – such as movies, television shows, other comics – this scenario go down, so we’re anxious as to what’ll set this story apart from the rest. It’s a fairly standard script, though Kevin’s a lovable idiot, and the artwork is solid. It really emphasis on the fear that dinosaurs emit, and the island looks really damn cool.

7.5 Good

A family are trapped on a mysterious island... with dinosaurs.

  • Standard script, slight twist 5
  • Dinosaur danger 8
  • Characters 8
  • Artwork 9

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