Things are starting to come together in the penultimate issue of IDW’s Revolution crossover, based on popular Hasbro properties such as Action Man, Transformers, and G.I. Joe. Earth, and the Microverse, need protection from the Dire Wraiths – bringing the G.I. Joe’s, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, and Rom together to fend them off.

Whoever gets hold of Ore-13, the rare mineral, will contain a lot of power and will have advantage over enemies. A bunch of twists and hidden plots unfold in this issue, and it’s all down to gaining control of the mineral. The final battle is almost here, and this issue sets it up nicely.

The artwork still has an identity crisis, understandably. Does the artist bring all of the franchises together and ignore their signature styles, or does he give them their own look and try to bring them all together? The art isn’t bad by any means, but it certainly falters at the mammoth task at hand.

Overall, the writing gives just enough away for new readers to understand what’s going on, while keeping up complex and intricate plot points that keep the reader guessing. It’s a well-written instalment in the five-part series, and we look forward to seeing the conclusion in a couple of weeks.


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