Here’s the synopsis for Issue #3 of Revolution:
THEY CAME FROM MICROSPACE! What terror reaches through the tendrils of entropy into our universe—and why does ROM want to kill it? Meanwhile, M.A.S.K.’s MATT TRAKKER makes a startling discovery about the TRANSFORMERS—but will G.I. JOE’s SCARLETT believe him?

Revolution is back with the third instalment of the five part story, and it surprisingly opts to tone down the awesome action. Instead, we receive some much-needed character development that puts Civil War II to shame.

When revisiting the first two issues and coming into this one, it ended up as a nice change of pace in the series. There’s been a lot of action and drama, but not really anything for us to get our teeth stuck into it – until now. The pacing is slowed down pleasantly, allowing readers to spend time with the M.A.S.K. team and to remember that the Transformers are more than mere machines.

There’s a nice plot point that prevents simple conclusions: Rom discovers a way to save the Earth from the dangerous Ore 13, but it’d present a huge threat to the Microverse. It’d destroy their universe and everything within it. This is a bad thing, in case you couldn’t tell. This poses a question of morality: is it worth destroying one universe to save your own? Rom struggles with this decision, and it’s fascinating to put yourself in his shoes.

There’s a big battle overshadowing the smaller, personal touches that this issue presented, though. It’s only a matter of time before shit goes down, and the Micronauts getting involved only makes things more tense.

8.2 Great

IDW's Revolution event slows things down for a more personal touch, and it works wonders.

  • Rom twist 8
  • Microverse morality 8.5
  • Artwork 8

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