Revolution is the culmination of properties such as Transformers, M.A.S.K., and G.I. Joe, among others – by IDW Publishing. Optimus Prime and the Transformers think ROM is a murderer, but are they right? Either way, war is inbound!

This event seems like it’s taking place to provide sheer fun. It doesn’t rely on dark plots or ridiculously-good artwork to entertain and engage the reader. M.A.S.K. is implementing Cybertronian tech to enhance their vehicles as they prepare to take on the Transformers. Where are they getting their tech and intel from? A captured and tortured Transformer. This scene is strangely brutal for the tone of the comic, and feels a tad out of place since this comic is mindless entertainment for the most part.

The best action sequence in Issue #2 comes from ROM and Optimus’ band of Transformers. The art brings the fight and characters to life, and it impressed us more in this issue than the first. The action feels cinematic at times and almost leaps off of the page. Seeing M.A.S.K. take on Autobots is something we never thought we’d see, and something we didn’t realise we needed to see. Until now.

There’s more than nostalgia that makes this comic appealing – it’s the character development and the world-building. It explores morality (think back to our mention of torture), and provides point-blank action to keep us entertained. There’s plenty going on in Revolution, and it’s all good fun.

8.5 Great

Revolution is the most fun of any huge comic event of 2016.

  • Character development, word-building 9
  • Artwork 8
  • Shocking torture 8
  • Sheer fun (and nostalgia) 9

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