We loved the Rebirth issue, but Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 is just as good if not better.

And that’s saying something. The Rebirth title did a great job of setting up a story whilst explaining to the audience just who this character is. But the first instalment of the series does that and more. it delves further into a plot whilst still giving us more insight into Jason Todd’s past. We’re given a huge amount of character development on his behalf, some of which has previously been unseen. It adds to his tragic backstory before his rise as Robin and then further onto Red Hood.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1

We loved seeing this new version of Black Mask too. There’s something completely unsettling about him, and not just in the usual supervillain way. He’s technically just an exuberant gangster. He has no unnatural powers or anything of that ilk – just a large criminal empire. And that’s what makes him a perfect ally/villain for Red Hood. As that’s where the main plot of the issue develops. As Red Hood infiltrates the organisation, we learn more about Black Mask himself, and what he’s about both professionally and mentally. It turns out, (unsurprisingly) that he’s not all there.

But the brilliance of Red Hood’s character comes from the fact that he’s conned everyone into thinking he’s still a complete villain, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. But using this to advantage makes him one of the most captivating and exciting characters that DC Comics can boast about. And this series is definitely one way of boasting. It proves to be a fantastic read, and ends on a note that will definitely draw readers in for the next instalment. It looks like Artemis will be joining the Outlaws at some point…

If you’re looking for complex and conflicted characters, look no further than Red Hood and the Outlaws #1. He might be your new favourite character.

8.8 Captivating.

Jason Todd's new series proves why he's one of DC Comics' best characters.

  • Backstory insight 9
  • Black Mask 8.5
  • Plot 9

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