Red Dog #4 continues the riveting sci-fi adventure with some surprisingly emotional beats.

We’ve said it from the start, a great science fiction story has a bed of emotion at its heart. And this is where Red Dog #4 really grabs the reader and brings the realisation of how much we care about these robotic companions. Especially the eponymous Red Dog as he’s kidnapped by one of the indigenous populations of Kirawan. His mistreatment by the violent Kira pulls on the heartstrings a little as he’s separated from Kyle and the rest of the pack. It’s when he’s force into a kind of slavery that we begin to learn more about the alien culture on Kirawan.

It’s fascinating as we’re introduced to a wider conflict on the planet between two warring factions. Andi Ewington and Rob Cohen have crafted a tale that has a clear main focus on its characters – but also teases the audience with the wider picture. It plays with many elements present in other sci-fi flicks, but truly makes it its own. The conversation between Kyle and a native of the planet is a wonderfully human exchange, as they both attempt to understand each other.

When we begin to see what the Kira people have in mind for Red, it begins to seem a little bit like something out of ‘John Carter’ or ‘Planet Hulk’. It’s not quite a carbon copy, but the influence is definitely there. We’re also teased with a couple of characters that are higher up in the hierarchy of the Kira, and we doubt this is the last we’ve seen of them. Overall, Red Dog #4 is another excellent portion of the story, teasing the audience with potential things to come and the larger aspects of the culture on Kirawan. Are we looking at some kind of impending war on the planet? Most likely. Are enjoying this incredibly human sci-fi tale? You bet your bottom dollar we are.

Red Dog #4 is available from May 17th!

8.9 Intriguing

The sci-fi adventure continues to impress.

  • The culture on Kirawan 9
  • Red Dog's capture 9.1
  • Character development 8.5

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