Red Dog #3 takes us further into the bond between man and machine, and it brilliantly builds upon the story so far.

Kyle’s curious nature mixed with the playful pack of robotic dogs proves to be both heartwarming and dangerous on a world where children shouldn’t be brought up. But seeing him with his new companions shows a complete turn in character since we first met him in the first issue. We also see a little more of Kyle’s father, who clearly has something in his past that makes him bitter. This strained relationship between the two definitely feels straight out of a Spielberg sci-fi flick.

The latter half of Red Dog #3 sees Kyle run off into the wilderness of Kirawan – and it looks to change the narrative completely. It’s written in such a way that doesn’t allow this story to stumble and get stale, but it isn’t rushing too quickly either. It simply allows itself to have fun and embrace the genre. But it brilliantly leaves the reader wanting more after the drop. It also explores it’s outlying characters a little more, and shows us the close-knit nature of the colony as a whole.

Red Dog #3 reminds us of science fiction films with a lot of compassion like Super 8 or Jurassic Park, simply because the story itself isn’t about the wild nature of everything going on around them. At the core of this brilliantly crafted plot is a tale about a strained family who struggle to survive and don’t have time for the child. The writers could quite have easily set this story on Earth, and it would’ve still flowed just as well. Pardon the pun, but this underdog comic book has plenty of heart that easily matches up to many of the big name stories and characters. This is science fiction at it’s best, and we couldn’t recommend it enough.


9.2 Fantastic

This sci-fi story about a boy and his dogs just got even better.

  • Plot 9
  • Heart 9.5
  • Character development 9

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