The riveting science fiction adventure from 451 Entertainment continues with Red Dog #2. It picks up directly where the first issue ended, and it’s a satisfying save. The story brilliantly balances a broad scope when it comes to the action and sci-fi nature of the plot with genuine heart and compassion for its characters. The conflict with the other inhabitants of Kirawan ends a little abruptly – but it’s clear that we haven’t quite seen the last of them just yet. It’s easy to imagine this series on the big screen, that’s for sure.

The bulk of the issue develops Kyle’s character, as we see him try to find his place amongst the childless colony. And the story begins to reveal why the family is so strained. There’s definitely some kind of history revolving around Kyle’s brother that we can expect to find out in later issues. It’s quite clear that whilst this exciting and adventurous space flick strives to be bold (and it succeeds), but it’s heart lies within the smaller character moments. Even if one of those characters happens to be a robot dog.

Our favourite part of the issue is the panel where Q comforts Kyle is wonderfully heartfelt, it’s quietly brilliant. The story from 451 Entertainment is rooted in science fiction influences that fans of classic movies, tv shows and comics will recognise and love. But it easily manages to create its own identity by crafting a well thought out family orientated storyline set amongst the stars. The artwork of the issue feels slick and smooth, swiftly bringing the reader from page to page. This issue builds upon the first instalment in an inventive way. We won’t give it away, but it’s a great way of adding to the premise of a boy and his best friend.

Overall, Red Dog #2 expands the world of Kirawan with exciting prospects. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to see what’s in store from this lovable underdog comic book.

9.1 Fantastic

This lovable comic book carves it's own place in the sci-fi genre.

  • Plot 9
  • Heart + Character development 9.5
  • Artwork 8.9

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