The first couple of issues into Reborn were great. Bonnie had been reborn into a mystical and fantastical world where things are very different than the usual Heaven or Hell scenario. The artwork has been incredible (expectedly, it is Greg Capullo who’s donning the visuals after all).

The third issue provides more of the same, but that’s about it. There’s no huge developments or anything of particular interesting happening at this moment in time. The premise of the story itself is different and pretty damn solid so these issues can continue to be good, but there needs to be something more ambitious to happen sooner or later.

The contrast visually between the Darklands and Adystria is amazing as always, and we’re always impressed with what we see. The level of detail in the characters and the backgrounds remains mind-blowing. It’s truly a delight to flick through these pages, observing different creatures and beings.

Overall, this issue is still worth a read, but be aware that this comic could just keep playing safe. There’s a very distinctive feel surrounding this comic and it definitely doesn’t blend in alongside the other sci-fi books out there, but we’re not sure you’ll ever get a shock or huge twist. If you’re just after a solid, consistent read, Reborn could be for you.

8.5 Great

Mark Millar's Reborn continues with a solid premise and mind-blowing artwork going into Issue #3.

  • Premise 9
  • Development 7
  • Artwork 9.5

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