Reborn is the latest brainchild of undeniable hit-maker Mark Miller, and the debut issue was definitely a great start. Issue #2 works wonders too. When people are reborn, they either go to Adystria or The Dark Lands – it’s very Heaven or Hellish, but there’s more to it. The better you were in your past life, the more powerful you are in this life.

Old pets can locate owners, and as we learn towards to the end of the issue, this works for pets that were treated well, and not-so-well. A cat was castrated and was reborn in The Dark Lands, so it feels an immense rage when thinking of its owner. It’s a very interesting take on how our actions shape things in the future, but obviously in a more fantastical and exaggerated sense.

This story has taken no time at all to establish the Good vs. the Bad, and the protagonist vs. the antagonist. We’re hoping it doesn’t come too prematurely, as there is a lot of explore in terms of characters and past actions coming into the forefront.

Greg Capullo’s art – as always – is incredibly solid. The good people look great, and the bad people look hellish and demonic. Detail is present in every inch of the page and this new world we’re exploring looks incredible.

9.3 Awesome

Mark Millar gives us a good dose of world-building in Issue #2 of Reborn. We're fans!

  • World-building 9
  • Interesting take on after-life 10
  • Artwork 9

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