Constant franchise-birther Mark Millar has brought another comic series to Image Comics, and we can’t help but imagine it coming to the big screen one day. Millar brings undefinable qualities to the comics that he writes that just make them wonderfully adaptable into movies. This book seems to be no different.

The premise of Reborn is relatively simple. When you die, you don’t go to Heaven or Hell. You go somewhere else. Somewhere that you must fight to survive – where the people from the past are waiting for you. The good and the bad people. It’s Greg Capullo’s first time drawing since his outstanding run on Batman comics, so it was immediately set up to be an amazing book. We wasn’t disappointed.

The comic uses typical shock tactics to really open your eyes to what’s going on, and it’s incredibly effective. The shocks don’t stop though, constantly keeping you on your toes from start to finish. Millar knows how to engage you and really get you in engrossed in the story, even though the dialogue about life, death, and existentialism does get a tad tedious.

The action is just as plentiful as the deep dialogue, and it’s a joy to see. Capullo’s not lost any of the solid linework that made his run on Batman so iconic. There’s plenty of gore, even more blood, and plenty to digest. It’s a busy story that has so, so much to share. The artwork helps you to intake the ambitious premise.

The very premise means the smallest details matter, and makes it a very personal story – which is perhaps where our desire to this story in a movie format comes from. We could relate to plenty of what goes on – maybe not what happens after death – but we can see ourselves in some of these situations.

9.1 Awesome

Mark Millar returns to Image Comics with yet another franchise-in-the-making.

  • Premise 9
  • Shocks 10
  • Personal touch 8
  • Artwork 9.5

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