This book is crazy. There’s a crazy doctor who performs crazy experiments to create crazy monsters, like Predator and Alien hybrids. These crazy creatures spell danger for our title characters on their crazy adventures. Crazy.

Anyway, Judge Dredd finds himself moments away from death, which is to be expected when he’s facing off against Predators and Aliens, naturally. These characters really don’t get along, and this series so far has been playing chess with them – setting them up tactically in preparation for an all-out brawl.

This is definitely not a book for those with a light-heart; while it’s only a comic, there’s plenty of creepy and questionable artwork that we bloody love. The artist’s style is detailed and precise, so his take on hybrids between Predators/Aliens/Judges are incredible. They’re unforgiving, unattractive, and perfect in the context of the story.

When fights actually take place, they feel very worthy of being in a crossover of this level. This comic is an amalgamation of three very popular franchises, and is something fans could only dream of when growing up. Jugge Dredd delivering sweet justice upon Aliens? This is every stoner’s dream, we’re sure.

This book has a surprising human element to it – even though two of the title characters aren’t understandable to us. It’s a tricky task for the writer, and he’s pulled it off to near perfection.

9.2 Incredible

Issue #3 of Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens is disturbing, brutal, and horrifying. These are all positives - trust us!

  • Characters 10
  • Action 8
  • Artwork 9.5

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