With a title such asĀ Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens comes a certain level of expectation, and Issue #1 pretty much delivered. It spent a lot of time setting up the huge conflict, and that was necessary. We can’t wait to find out where Issue #2 will take the story, so let’s get into it!

If anything has been proven after reading the second issue, it’s that writer John Layman is a master at balancing several strong characters. This is a huge task, especially with the characters in question, but he allows them all time to shine and it works wonderfully. This story practically translates to us as a high-adrenaline, full-thrill story from start to finish. Never does the plot waver though, and that’s testament to great writing and artwork.

The panel arrangements make these huge sequences flow into each other, and that must be daunting when juggling this level of awesomeness. The artwork feels classic to suit the classic characters and the colours give this comic a vintage feel, as if we were reading something from the 90’s. It’s hard to brush off the idea that this comic book is supposed to be a big, fat nostalgia-fest – and we love it!

There’s no fighting as of yet between the big three characters, but there’s plenty of time for that. We’d rather the scene was set and the story was solid before going into the comic purely for violence. Though, the thought of that doesn’t sound all that bad. Either way, this comic is a must-read for comic book fans in general. If you’re a fan of Predator, Aliens, or Judge Dredd then you’re in for a treat.

9.0 Kick-ass!

Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #2 is a huge instalment in the newly-born series, and we love it!

  • Characterization 10
  • Balancing act 9
  • Storyline 8
  • Artwork 9

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