A vision of the future forced Clint Barton, A.K.A. Hawkeye, to kill his longtime friend and ally, The Hulk. He went to trial and was acquitted of all charges. The public sees him as a saviour. The super hero community sees him as a pariah. But how does he seem himself?

This book, so far, is very much aimed at providing some social justice to the Marvel universe. Clint Barton is heavily affected by Civil War II – proving to be one of the only great things that’s came from it – and he’s pretty damn interesting now. He’s very much the hero of the people, and it’s cool to see him embrace it by travelling the country and delivering justice.

The plot is very topical, and manages to grasp onto some fun whilst it’s at it. Clint’s travelling to New Mexico to investigate contaminated water, and it leads him to teaming up with Red Wolf. They seem like they will be great partners together, especially for scripts that contain a lot of rich and heavy narrative.

Clint’s basically aiming to clear his conscience and relieve his guilt – this trip he’s on is his way of doing such a thing. We look forward to seeing how it works out!

8.7 Awesome

Clint Barton partners up with Red Wolf as he sets to clear his conscience in Occupy Avenger #1.

  • Clint's conscience 9
  • Social justice theme 9
  • Artwork 8

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