NVRLND #4 brings one of our favourite new series to it’s end.

The stakes are driven up even higher in the final instalment of the gritty retelling of Peter Pan. Hook launches an all out war with the Pirates and the Savages. And right from Hook’s first undoubtedly creepy appearance in this issue, there’s a feverish sense of paranoia growing around Peter. He’s become a desperate man after losing his shadow, rather than the cool and collected rock-star. Although Hook’s plan isn’t completely clear, with an effective narrative misdirect it throws a spanner in the works for Chief Lily, Wendy and Peter.

NVRLND #4 teased something connecting Peter and Hook that could lead for some seriously captivating character development. It shows the writers aren’t afraid to put their own fresh stamp on the pre-existing material. It’s fleetingly used, but that’s all it needs to hit home. Everyone’s panic in this issue (aside from Hook of course) is dialled up to eleven. We even see Wendy’s father rush into a state of fury as the investigation narrows down to James Hook. The writers use of tension as the villain descends upon Wendy and Tiger is nothing short of masterfully creepy. He’s scary and charismatically intimidating.

The only drawback to the finale of the series, is that it ends rather abruptly. And although this sounds like a criticism, it’s a compliment. The plot draws the audience in so that they care about all of these brilliantly fleshed out characters. So when everything changes, and they’re left up in the air after the cliffhanger – it’s slightly disappointing to not get answers. It just shows that the writers have written a completely enthralling retelling of the original story. We’ve no doubt that they’ll return some time in the future. NVRLND #4 brings this genuinely wonderful series to close – and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Peter Pan, Wendy, Tiger and of course Hook.

9.5 Awesome

Fantastically written, and with an infuriating cliffhanger - we can't wait to see where this series leads.

  • Plot 9.5
  • Use of tension 9.1
  • James Hook 9.8

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