NVRLND #3 starts to embrace the weirdness.

This gritty take on the world of Peter Pan further plunges the reader into the devilish deeds of Hook. What’s great about this issue is that it’s not afraid to be bold. It doesn’t allow for the story to get stale and stay completely grounded. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still got it’s boots to the ground but it doesn’t shy away from the fantastical elements in the classic story. We get to see the consequences of the second issue‘s cliffhanger, and it leads on in a genuinely intriguing way. The diabolical villain actually manages to steal something truly significant to Peter, and locks it in a cage in a bizarre, almost fetish-like fashion.

NVRLND #3 is a visual treat that loves it’s time in the spotlight. Even in it’s darkest moments, it outshines a lot of generic comic books. The only downside to Hook’s character is that we don’t get any insight into his reasoning behind his actions – hopefully all will be explained in the fourth and final issue. The rest of the story revolving around Wendy and Peter feels like a blend of genres. It feels like a teen drama mixed with elements from shows like Sons of Anarchy and Once Upon A Time simultaneously. And it’s a rare wonder when something so bold can be pulled of so well.

We also loved the procedural police aspect of the story. It acknowledges the consequences of Neverland, and the drug problem deeply rooted alongside it. It doesn’t just treat it as a perfect haven, even though it is for some. The end of this edition leaves the audience on another cliffhanger, a clever ploy from the writers. It creates a sense of urgency when thinking about the next instalment. It raises a lot of questions and hopefully will carry the story to it’s end in a brilliant way. We can’t wait for the fourth and final issue. Don’t miss out.

9.0 Fantastic

It still keeps it's boots on the ground, but it's not afraid to embrace the weirdness.

  • Hook. 8
  • Plot 9
  • Visuals 8.9
  • Peter + Wendy 10
  • Cliffhanger 9

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