NVRLND #2 plunges us into Peter’s world.

They always say that the second album is the difficult challenge. The first is just the foray into a world – the second is where it cements it’s role. And NVRLND #2 expertly shows us a different side of L.A. whilst expanding it’s plot exponentially. Whilst the main story still revolves around Peter, Wendy and The Lost Boys – the second issue also touches on the political side of the supporting characters. This adds an entirely new dimension to the classic story whilst still managing to maintain it’s own identity.

We start to see the reasoning behind Hook’s nefarious drug schemes, and it once again brings this childhood tale into the 21st century with ease. He wants to take over NVRLND from Peter and The Lost Boys and make it his turf. Essentially, this is gangland warfare. It’s this kind of plot crafting that makes NVRLND #2 so unique. The characters themselves become wonderfully fleshed out as we begin to learn more about their backstories. Tigerlily is shown to have been in a tragic car accident with her father as a child – and it influences her entire outlook on life. Even right down to a simple thing like music taste. And that comes across so strongly when reading this issue that it’s hard not to fall in love with these characters.


The final few pages of NVRLND #2 sees the writers make a bold choice in their narrative that will turn this story on it’s head. And whilst the initial concept grounded the series in reality, this plot choice might just switch things up. But that might not necessarily be a negative thing. It allows the story to progress in a new way without getting stale and too obvious. Naturally, we’re intrigued by the reasoning behind some of these abilities and what they mean for the rest of the story (We won’t ruin what actually happens).

If you’re looking for something truly unique in terms of art, narrative and style – this series is the one for you. NVRLND #2 is the perfect second issue to a brilliant debut.


9.4 Enchantingly gritty

The perfect follow up to the perfect start.

  • Peter v Hook 9
  • Plot 9.5
  • Ending 9.8

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