Peter Pan gets raw and gritty with NVRLND #1.

Many well known properties often get the reboot treatment and get given new takes on classic stories. NVRLND #1 is one of those reboots – but does so with ease. And whilst it would’ve been easy to take the story and simply set it in the modern day, the writers flip the entire story on it’s head. And quite frankly, we love it. It feels so original and gritty, and makes for an intriguing read. Neverland is a club, and Peter is the lead singer of a band called (you guessed it) The Lost Boys.

It’s a fantastic way of bringing J.M. Barrie’s much loved story into the 21st story, and gives it a complete revamp. Pixie dust is a drug that makes teenagers believe they can fly, until they fall to their deaths of course. This brings in a whole aspect that changes the entire dynamic of the story we all know and love. It becomes a ‘whodunnit’ style plot, in which Wendy’s father is searching for the drug dealer… who happens to be a reinterpretation of Captain Hook. Brilliant. And where does Hook work? Why, a tattoo parlour that specialises in nautical ink of course.

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Whilst the first time we meet Hook, he doesn’t actually seem that bad. It’s only the last panel that we realise just how dastardly he is. The art style of the issue is brilliant. With such intricate details that tell us exactly exactly what we need to know about each character without the story explicitly telling us so. The sheer creativeness of this new retelling of an old classic flows perfectly, and we can’t help but be whisked away by this new rogueish interpretation of Peter Pan.

If you’re a fan of the story and the characters, definitely check out this new gritty retelling of Pan in NVRLND #1.

9.2 Awesome

The sheer creativeness of this new retelling of an old classic flows perfectly.

  • Plot 9
  • Characters 10
  • Reboot 8.5

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