Months ago, Ninjak went to the otherworldly plane known as the Deadside to rescue a group of MI-6 agents. While there, a paranormal pathogen lodged itself in Ninjak’s brain. Using a special form of hyper-meditation, Ninjak’s consciousness traveled to the future in search of a cure.

Decades from now, the Eternal Warrior has asked an older Ninjak to help stop his old foe, Dr. Silk, from accessing an infinite well of knowledge known as the Deadside Intelligence Mechanism. Ninjak and Eternal Warrior followed Silk into the Deadside, and were just about to capture him when winged warriors intervened to attack the trespassers!

This issue sees old Ninjak kick some ass, decipher new code, and solve his own problems. He’s such an over-powered character in reality: he has a beyond-genius level intellect and ridiculous combat skills, even though he’s wrinkly and grey-haired. His lonewolf ways creates an awesome dynamic with Eternal Warrior, who’s eternally happy that Silk seems to be out of the way.

This story is great, if not confusing at times due to the multiple timelines at play. Ninjak’s actions in both timelines affects the other, so we’re constantly on our toes and thinking about how his actions could change things. The artwork is detailed when it comes to the characters – and they’re what really matter – so we’re fine with the near-neglect the background receives most of the time.

9.0 Awesome

Ninjak and Eternal Warrior hunt down Dr. Silk in Issue #21, but Ninjak has his own agenda.

  • Characterizations 10
  • Action 8
  • Storyline 9
  • Artwork 9

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