We only just had the #1 issue, but we’re not exactly complaining to get Nightwing #2.

First things first… this is a fantastic issue. It’s got everything. Fantastic art work, story, characters, development and emotion. We honestly couldn’t turn the page fast enough. And our only major gripe with it, is that it ends. The overall path that Nightwing is on makes the reader constantly want to find out what happens next. Especially since he’s playing “The long game” as he puts it. It’s extremely well written, using real-world style events juxtaposed against superheroics to create a seamless vision of a world with heroes and villains.

The relationship between Grayson and his new partner, Raptor, slowly evolves throughout the course of the issue. Starting from villain, reluctant partner to potential hero. It seems like Raptor may be on the same side as Nightwing after all. But we don’t doubt that their dynamic will change a little more before this story’s end. Their conversation on branding was genuinely interesting, about how Nightwing is still part of Batman’s little “brand”. it all makes complete sense. Especially since Grayson is constantly comparing himself to the Dark Knight and attempting to be better than him.

Nightwing #2

In Batgirl #1 we thought that she was on a collision course for a love interest with an old friend, but it looks like Grayson is actually her love interest. And vice versa of course. Are we interested in seeing those two pair up? Yes. Should it take over either of their individual plots? No. It’s alright to occasionally show their relationship, like in Nightwing #2. But, we hope they don’t let the relationship become the main part of the story. It isn’t necessary. What is needed is for shocking moments that the audience didn’t see coming. For example, like two snake assassins crawling their way out of two very large snake women in this issue. It was scary, it was weird and downright creepy.

Nightwing #2 is a thoroughly entertaining comic, and we have no idea what could happen next. But seeing the character’s internal conflict when dealing with morally ambiguous situations only makes our interest in Nightwing even stronger. He’s not a perfect hero, but flawed. And that’s what makes him more intriguing to read. We’re can’t wait to see where this undercover vigilante goes next.

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9.0 Brilliant

A story that has everything, excellent artwork, plot, character development and a brand new partner. Don't miss out on Nightwing.

  • Character development 9
  • Nightwing v Raptor 8
  • Plot 10

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