In Issue #9 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers we’re introduced to a new Ranger – in fact, it’s the first new Ranger in over 20 years.

The new Ranger hasn’t been confirmed in terms of identity just yet, though. The costume uses the design of the Green Ranger’s costume but is white. BOOM! are currently referring to him as the Mysterious Ranger, obviously opting to conceal his identity until a later issue. Still, there’s a chance the White Ranger seen in the live-action television show is actually a separate character in comic continuity and we may have just met him.

Mysterious Ranger

This brand new character is very evil in terms of intent and his actions. He controls the Black Dragon seen in Issue #9, and reveals his true form to Rita Repulsa at the end to provide one of the best cliffhangers in a comic we’ve read in a long, long time. There’s so many questions to ask, and no source for the answers until next month.

The creators of this new character spoke to Newsarama about the new character, but refrained from giving too much away:

Well, at this point I don’t want to give very much away other than to say… yeah, it certainly does look like the White Ranger with the dragon coin insignia on his shield, doesn’t it? Actually, if you look closely, you’ll notice there are a few other elements of the Green Ranger’s design incorporated as well. These are all very deliberate choices on our part, and the whole thing plays into this Ranger’s backstory in a big way.

Stay tuned to Heroes Direct for more news on the Mysterious Ranger and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


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