The murder mystery is coming to an end, and the penultimate issue is a blinder. We’re fairly new to this series, but we read it so quickly, it seemed unfair not to cover it. Because quite simply, this series is phenomenal. Nailbiter #29 begins to tie up many of the outlying mysteries from across the lengthy storyline. It also answers burning questions and manages to be as menacing as ever. Williamson also treats us to a reveal behind the mask of ‘The Master’ – and we’ll be honest, we didn’t see it coming. But once the mask is unveiled, it seems a little obvious.

The plot of the issue mainly deals with the history of Buckaroo – and the scientists experimenting on innocent people before their ominous transformation into serial killers. Nailbiter #29 raises the question of morality behind the scientists. Regardless of their experiments – were they just as twisted and sick as their test subjects? And although it’s hugely insightful as to the motivations behind some of the supporting characters – it did feel very much like a supervillain explaining his plan to a hero at the end of a movie. But nonetheless, even when ‘The Master’ is unveiled, there’s still an air of omnipotent power that surrounds the killer.

Joshua Williamson has truly outdone himself with this series, and this issue is no exception. It raises the stakes, enters new territory and makes the reader truly anticipate the final instalment. It’s certainly a far cry away from his other work on The Flash, but it definitely shows his talent at diversifying his writing. It’s all coming to a head in Nailbiter #29. And although we don’t want the series to end – the final issue should be truly spectacular if this penultimate instalment is anything to go by. If you’ve loved this series, you’ll know what we mean. If you haven’t read Nailbiter… What are you waiting for?

9.3 Incredible
  • Plot 9.5
  • The Master reveal 9
  • A new Butcher 8.9
  • Anticipation 10

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