Morris Sackett is a famous basketball player. Well, he was. Now he’s an Inhuman with extraordinary powers – he’s not yet called Mosaic, though. This is an unusual starting point for one of Marvel’s Inhumans, so it’s an interesting introduction and start for a new character.

Morris’ super powers are incredibly wild at the moment, and feel undefined as such. Of course this is just the first issue so there’s no entire rush to have the character established just yet, but we have no real feel on how he’ll use his new-found abilities.

He can jump from person to person, inhabiting their mind. This allows him to access their memories, their unique knowledge, and control them. He relies on others to survive now it seems, and that’s a strange concept for somebody who was on top of the world.

The artwork is insanely good, bringing the character to life in an astonishing way early on. He looks quite good, though we can’t imagine we’ll see him in his true form too often. It’s a nice tough to have speech bubbles in the same colour blue as his appearance.

We’re sold on this character, but not just yet sold on the fact he has his own solo series, especially in a world of team comics. There are plenty of interesting characters in the Marvel universe, and we can’t quite say why Mosaic deserves his own just yet. It’s early, but promising, days.

8.5 Promising

Meet Mosaic, Marvel's latest Inhuman.

  • Refreshing character origin 9
  • Artwork 9
  • Undefined powers 7.5

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