Moon Knight’s always been a complex character with multiple personalities and identities to juggle. Iron Man has to balance his business with his heroic deeds, Spider-Man has to be Peter and Spidey all at once, while Moon Knight is Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Jake Lockely, Mr. Knight, and more. You see why his life is a tad more complicated, yes?

This strenuous mental problem has caused some implications mentally on our beloved Moon Knight, and writer Jeff Lemire is fleshing it out incredibly well. He’s still venturing through the new New York – normally a story this stretched out would be tedious and would plainly not work, but convention plot points aren’t required with this character.

We’re gifted with an insight into the earlier moments of Marc’s life, and while they’re not superheroic, they build up this character and develop him even further. This level of character development and intensity isn’t found in many comic books, and it just feels perfect.

When it comes to this run of Moon Knight, you’re not just reading a comic book. You’re witnessing a visual spectacle, too. The artwork is incredible throughout and the colourwork adds a whole new dynamic to the book. There’s plenty of trippy and creepy art that compliments a chilling mindfuck of a script.

Overall, this issue fits inline with earlier issues of this run. There’s mystery, struggle, and shit tonnes of character development. We’re purposefully not given much away, it’s really a comic you need to witness for yourself – check it out.

9.2 Awesome

We're treated to even more character development as we look into the youth of our beloved Moon Knight in Issue #10.

  • Story 8.5
  • Artwork 9
  • Character development 10

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