We’re not going to lie, we haven’t stayed up to date with this comic. We’ve meant to tune in, but there’s just so many comic books out and so little time – the recent news regarding the new Ranger and the upcoming movie has pushed this comic into our must-read list, so here we are. We’ll be judging this comic based on its ability to allow new readers to jump on at (seemingly) random points.

Well, for a start all of the Rangers are green, but when they communicate their speech bubbles are in their significant colours. This confuses us as a new reader, but it’s entirely our fault and they look cool anyway. Goldar is holding the Blue Ranger, Billy, in his own dimension while the other Rangers take on the Black Dragon, which is actually just a toy from a mysterious villain.

This villain? He looks like the White Ranger we’ve seen in other media, but nothing’s been confirmed. That’s right, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have introduced a new Ranger for the first time in over 20 years, and he looks badass. If the Black Dragon is just one part of his masterplan, then the Rangers are in for some major trouble in later issues. Admittedly, we still don’t know exactly why he’s trying to take the Rangers down, but we know he’s promised Rita Repulsa a whole lot and he’s yet to deliver.

Overall, we’re a bit lost but we feel nostalgic – and that’s good enough. We’ll tune in monthly just to see a bunch of action involving the Rangers and the Zords, and now they’re fighting another Ranger, we’ll be hooked before we know it.

8.4 Fun

Things don't look too good for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in Issue #9.

  • Action 8
  • Accommodation for new readers 5
  • Storyline 9
  • New Ranger 10
  • Pacing 10

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