Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #6 sees the team pitted against an unstoppable enemy.

We loved the previous issue, and this one is no different. It’s hard to comprehend just how well BOOM! Studios have adapted such a well known children’s series into a brilliantly captivating comic book. It takes all the classic characters and throws them into these stories that are well written, thought out and a genuine delight to read. For fans of the original series, it’s welcome plunge into nostalgia, but for new fans it’s a taste of what was and how far the team have come since those early spandex days.

This new adventure sees the team outmatched at every opportunity. And it’s fantastic how these once absurd and stupid looking villains are now genuinely formidable and actually feel like they could beat the Rangers. And instead of looking like a man in a rubber suit – they look like actual villains. And we know that sounds a little silly, but it’s one thing that Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #6 definitely has over the classic tv series. The comic takes everything we know from the series and applies the information in new and interesting ways to keep the reader in a world that they both know and are unfamiliar with both simultaneously. Take what this new villain, Black Dragon, does with Power Coins for example.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #6

Whilst the issue does expect a level of pre-existing knowledge about the Power Rangers, it’s still relatively easy to read. At the core of the story, it’s about working as a team and how to deal with stupidly tense situations when all seems lost. And in a comic full of crazy monsters, villains and robots – it’s manages to maintain a surprising amount of character depth in places. If you’re a Power Rangers fan, new or old – don’t miss out on this series.

8.9 Nostalgic trip into a new world.

It's a great story that reminds us just how good BOOM! Studios are at writing this team.

  • Black Dragon 9
  • Artwork 8
  • Character development 9.5
  • Nostalgia 9

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