After the huge reveal of a new Power Ranger in Issue #9, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #10 offers a standalone issue for the Blue Ranger. It’s a rather inspiring tale that always you to see the vulnerable side of our beloved hero.

Billy feels like he isn’t a hero because he doesn’t necessarily know what he’s doing when he enters a fight with a scary monster, and he tries to follow a formula. This issue is firmly paced thanks to a monologue from Billy himself, discussing his difficulties and insecurities, though it leads to a place where he explains that you don’t need to follow a formula. Just be yourself and play to your strengths. Of course, this message applies to heroism, but is not limited to it – it contains important life messages for those who may be a tad lost and/or uncertain.

The artwork is incredible, Billy’s emotions are felt throughout. The action is intense and really controls the page whenever it’s present. Fast movement and agility is represented with motion lines, showing just how elite the Rangers are, even against the most fearsome of villains. The colourist is afraid to splash some bright, vibrant, and expressive shades and tones when needed – it works incredibly in the big action sequences.

Overall, this is an important issue but only in terms of messaging. It doesn’t add or take away from the ongoing storyline and acts as a nice break after a huge revelation in last month’s instalment, and it works wonderfully.

8.5 Great

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #10 takes a break from the main story to deliver an important message from the Blue Ranger himself, Billy.

  • Important message 10
  • Artwork 9.5
  • Relevancy to main story 6

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