Revolution is here in full force! It’s only the second week and we’ve had Revolution #1, M.A.S.K.: Revolution #1, and now this (by one of our favourite writers, Cullen Bunn!) We’re all for big crossover events, and we could hardly miss out on one that’s likely to shape the movie universe Hasbro are building.

To be honest, this doesn’t feel like a direct tie-in to the big event at all. Besides a small explanation towards the end, it just feels like another Micronauts issue – this isn’t a bad thing, but we truly expected to dig into the nitty gritty of Revolution and the connections Micronauts have to it.

It picks up where Micronauts #6 left off with the crew flying towards the Entropy Storm. Of course, they survive (just like any great main characters do), and end up running into an old nemesis who followed them. This story leads towards a climax that could tie in to the event, though it feels more like #6.5. Again, we’re not complaining.

One comment on this issue though: you need to read the main comic to have the foggiest as to what’s going on. There’s positives and negatives to this. Positive: IDW are practically filtering fans of the main comic into reading the crossover. Negative: if you are interested in the full Revolution experience but haven’t read the main comics, you’ll probably get lost.

Artwork in this comic does the job, it’s nothing flashy and doesn’t go out of its way to do anything spectacular, but it paints the picture well. Battle scenes come to life more-so than characters do in more personal panels, but it’s still satisfactory nonetheless.

Overall, this isn’t a bad issue. Bunn has written a good story, but we felt there was more to be desired when it comes to the “tie-in” part of the narrative.

7.0 Good

Micronauts: Revolution #1 is a good comic for fans of Micronauts, but Revolution fans may get a tad lost.

  • Storyline 8
  • Artwork 7
  • Small amount of connective tissue to Revolution 5
  • Pacing 8

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