Alongside the colossal landslide of new reboots Marvel has gifted us with so far this year, we’ve been treated to a brand new series featuring Doctor Stephen Strange himself. Following the fan adoration of his appearance in his solo film and his role in Infinity War, it’s safe to assume the sales of the character will rise- but it’s up to this comic to decide on the quality and reputation of Strange’s subsequent appearances.

In this first issue, Strange’s character and powers are established instantly, with a clash with X’Axal that sets the tone instantly. It feels slightly apart from the rest of the plot, but with the way the story progresses (don’t worry, no spoilers here- you can trust your friends at HD) it makes total sense. The almost likeable arrogance we saw in Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal shines through gorgeously in these first few pages, and we know that we’re in good hands with these writers. This issue sets up a story that will rely on Strange’s character rather than the novelty of his abilities, and this is done masterfully alongside a welcome cameo from another member of the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s comics have been known in the past to be a huge LSD trip in terms of the art, and while we don’t see a huge deal of colour or flair here, there may well be potential for it in the future. The creative liberty of designing the portal from the unnamed planet from the beginning of the comic to earth is interesting and executed very nicely. Here’s hoping this serves as a teaser of things to come to reflect the character’s roots, as the art that comes with Strange maybe more iconic than Strange himself.

As of yet the plot of the comic is vague, but it’s very exciting to see where this series takes us. It’s a good start, and we’re very ready to see where it goes!

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7.8 Trippy

This series looks to embrace Strange's character rather than his abilities, and we're intrigued to see what comes next.

  • Art 8.5
  • Story 6
  • Stephen Strange 9

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