Deadpool as a character needs no introduction- we all know him well (and if you don’t, you may be on the wrong website). The character is getting a nice new lick of paint in a revamped comic series involving the merc with the mouth and a few other familiar faces sprinkled in for good measure, and let’s be honest, we’ve all got an expectation of Deadpool at this stage. So, I dove into the first issue, and I came out feeling pretty much the same as when I went in.

Unfortunately, this one feels a little middle of the road, as its negatives are weighed out by its positives to a point of complete balance. An implication is made with the plot that this comic takes place after where either of the Deadpool movies ended (it isn’t specified which of the two) and that Wade has given himself a “good old-fashioned memory wipe”. This could well be construed as a failed gag, but it strikes more as mere lazy writing, as it is mentioned so little. The plot really is the biggest pitfall of this first issue, as the comic opens with ‘Pool in a cinema chasing a contract. This makes sense with the character, but the job is so uneventful and open-and-shut that it feels like filler to pad the opening out before the REAL plot can kick in.

DeadpoolThe cameosĀ in this comic feel natural to a degree, and the gags that come with them are the best in the entire issue. There were some creative liberties taken here and they paid off- the character design of the Guardians of the Galaxy (oh yeah, spoilers) are fantastic, and really give the comic and its universe a bit of flair. Unfortunately, the gags in regards to the extended Marvel universe are the ones that land the most, as Deadpool in this comic relies a huge deal on swearing as a punchline, and with the over-excessive censorship on the page, it can make panels look a little ugly and overwhelming.

Generally, Deadpool 2018 could be a good time. It hasn’t shown itself in its best light so far, harbouring many issues that plague a middle-of-the-road story, but I have faith that with the love it deserves, this reboot of Wade Wilson’s pottymouthed mercenary could be a corker.

What did you think of Deadpool #1? Le

6.0 Bland, but promising

This comic falls short in some aspects, but there is potential here! Here's hoping it picks up!

  • Characters 8
  • Gags 5
  • Plot 5

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