Hark back to last week- we were introduced to the brand new series The Man of Steel with its first issue, and it served as a classic re-introduction to Superman- with no backstory required, it shot into a brand new plot rejuvenating the character and introducing a new villain, it served as the closest thing to a perfect start we may have seen in a long time. After a beginning this large, it had us guessing as to how they’d follow up such a debut. So, how did The Man of Steel #2 do?

Honestly? Pretty well. The comic opens pretty much in the same way as the first did; in the outer reaches of space. The art is consistently impressive from the first issue and stands out masterfully amongst its counterparts, as does the storytelling throughout the comic. The cliffhanger from the previous issue is seen through, in a way that feels somewhat out of the blue admittedly, but it is executed in a way that guides the reader to allow it. The plot progresses nicely, but unfortunately, the flow takes a hit of inconsistency. A moment occurs where the focus shoots over to an alternate planet all of a sudden, and while it helps to develop the intergalactic feeling that this comic has so far, it feels incredibly sudden and the flow grinds to a sharp halt. Here’s hoping Bendis won’t make a habit of this, as the flow of the first issue was much more consistent.

Grogol Zaar is developed further, but The Man of Steel #2 delved further into Clark Kent’s dynamic with his family and work respectively. We shan’t spoil it, but we get a welcome cameo from another well regarded DC superhero that feels quite natural amongst the story and doesn’t feel as though it’s useless fan-service, which was implied by the first issue’s cover art featuring the entire ensemble of the Justice League.

The Man of Steel #2 feels like a worthy follow-up to the previous issue, and with a clash between Superman and Zaar imminent, excitement is running high. We are once again VERY excited to see where this one goes. Do not miss this one if you’re a DC fan!

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7.7 Great!

A small pacing discrepancy makes this one feel ever so slightly disjointed, but it nails every other aspect perfectly. Give it a read!

  • Art 9
  • Plot Development 8
  • Pacing 6

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