Out of all of the superheroes the DC comics universe has at its disposal, maybe Superman isn’t the one who needs a reboot the most. We’ve seen a good deal of the Kryptonian in these recent years, however new weekly comic starting with The Man of Steel #1 is a fantastic reintroduction to the character. This comic stands as a prime example of how superhero stories need to be written and presented in 2018, and for a mere single issue, it is very clear to see that this series is one to follow.

From page one, it is incredibly clear that the art throughout this comic is to be a standout example of why comic books as an art form have persisted through the years. As new villain Rogol Zaar is introduced, his motives are clear, and from the visuals and speech alone you understand the character- within 4 pages of him speaking you know exactly what his game plan and thought process is. Even a mere few pages into The Man of Steel the art is phenomenal, with the character design of Zaar standing out with its huge detail. From his visage alone, Zaar is established as a character that demands to be feared. As Supes enters the comic in style, Brian Michael Bendis clearly knows that nobody reading needs a recap on the character- we know who the man of steel is. The character in The Man of Steel #1 is exactly the wholesome hero that we remember (providing you didn’t buy into the grittiness of the DCEU too much), and the character feels noble and happy to help. We get to see both Superman and Clark Kent represented perfectly, and an investment in the character is established sharply.

The Man of Steel #1The plot moves forward in a very cohesive way and flits between introducing new characters on earth and developing Zaar on an alternate ruined planet. The comic comes to a close on a huge cliff-hanger that grips the reader, and the cohesiveness of the plot leading up to this point leaves you wanting SO much more. This series has set itself up perfectly to continue weekly, and believe us when we say we’re excited. Get in on this comic before it progresses to the point where it’s too far along to follow because The Man of Steel is definitely going to be one to keep an eye on.

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8.3 Awesome & Exciting

This is the Superman reboot we needed to remind us of the character we missed! Definitely one to follow.

  • Art 9
  • Plot 8
  • Characters 8

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