As we gradually reach the end of this comic series, we’re actively being treated more and more to incredibly impressive artwork, excellent story arcs and bombastic action that could very well make Brian Michael Bendis’ The Man of Steel one of 2018’s glowing beacons of comic book excellence. Issue five takes bolder steps in terms of its presentation, and it makes it one of the best in the series so far.

The art styles have been manipulated to show the present time (Superman and Rogol Zaar tossing each other about in space) and the flashbacks of Kent’s family in very different art styles- the past is set with the deeply intricate detailing we’ve seen from Evan Shaner beforehand, whereas the action pieces and modern elements are presented with a warm, simplistic style with thick outlines, giving these moments their own distinct flair.

The plot continues to rage, as we see Superman’s rage and determination battling with Zaar’s own fearsome nature. This issue reaches a climax like nothing seen in this series so far, and truly makes the anticipation for the final issue run high. The only issue that can be found in this issue is the return of a recurring character, firefighter Chief Moore- at this stage, as her plot doesn’t coincide with Superman hugely, it is becoming more and more apparent that so far her appearances serve as filler. If her character arc isn’t tied up in the next issue and tied in somehow to Superman’s plot, then it will cement Moore’s character as nothing more than something to fill out the pages.

As this comic progresses, it just gets better and better. The Man of Steel took a big creative leap with this issue, and it paid off wonderfully. It’s a shame to see the series come to a close so soon, but regardless, we’ll see you very soon to cover the final issue!

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8.2 Awesome!

Seemingly inconsequential plot points aside, this comic series keeps the punches coming, and it's gearing up for a colossal finale!

  • Art 9.5
  • Characters 8
  • Plot 7

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