Coming soon to Kickstarter is a brand new series that deserves your support. That’s right, you, the person reading this. I AM HEXED takes place in Washington D.C. as Witches strive for equality amongst the rest of the world. One Witch in particular, Charlotte “Charlie” Helm is sent to unearth a conspiracy and discover why she’s D.C.’s most wanted Witch.

Certainly a unique synopsis isn’t it? But it’s much more than a magical tale, it’s one with a very human undertone – as we all want to be accepted for who we are. We spoke to the creator behind the series, writer Kirsten Thompson about the creation of I AM HEXED, and what readers can expect to find when the story is brought to life. With a hugely diverse group of creators assembled behind the project, it appears to be a breath of fresh air that the world of comic books definitely needs.

I AM HEXED has some obvious real-world parallels with the storyline, where did the idea to use the role of witches originate from?

Witches and other marginalized people have faced prejudice and violence throughout history, and as a witch and queer individual, I wanted to tell a story from the perspective of people who have endured – in spite of the odds, and who have built a strong and connected community.

Will we see events/real-world figures crop up into the story, if so, how will they affect the world of I AM HEXED?
There are some references to real-world figures to be sure, and there is a lot going on in the background that has an impact on the characters – but their story is for the most part, more immediate.

How does I AM HEXED keep itself from other well-known tales involving modern witches? It’s hard not to think Harry Potter after all…
Well, Harry Potter is a story about kids growing into their power. I AM HEXED is focused on people who have grown up with magic, know how to use it, and so their struggles are more about the real world problems of the various governmental and magical institutions instead of having to control their magic or spend time in school.


If Witches exist in that world, do mystical creatures crop up too? If they do, how does this affect the modern world?
There are some magical creatures – you aren’t going to see a flock of griffins or anything, but there’s an accidentally carnivorous plant – to start with, and lots more. In regard to how this affects the real world – people are aware of witches and magic – so there are guidelines in place for dealing with them even if you don’t use magic.

Is this a simple story with a definite beginning and end, or could readers expect an I AM HEXED series?
As it stands, I AM HEXED is a four issue mini-series. There is a lot to this world, and plenty of stories to tell – I’d love to write more arcs or even an ongoing series.

If you want to learn more about the characters in I AM HEXED and sign up for info, head to, or tweet them @Hexed_Comic!


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