Alistair Meath is not well. KINO #11 picks up immediately after the previous issue, and not only delves further into Meath’s fractured psyche but takes the time to develop the political subtext that was carefully planted in #10. It’s evidently clear that this arc isn’t about a cape wearing hero held up by the masses as a god, quite the opposite. At the core, it’s about a man trying to get back to his family, while a nation struggles with a toxic mentality fuelled by politicians to only further their own selfish goals.


It’s heartbreaking to see Meath in such a dismal state as he grapples with post traumatic stress disorder after being ripped from the simulation. However, just because he’s wounded, doesn’t mean he’s out for the count – far from it. In a devastating show of power, it’s made abundantly clear that his instant reflex when threatened is to lash out. And it’s the latter half of the issue that shows the sheer cruelty of the general population, as they’ve been influenced by the garbage spewed by politicians on TV. It’s almost a little too on the nose, with very real world parallels.

KINO #11

KINO #11 twists the story even further, potential allies might not be all they seem. Alistair just can’t catch a break can he? It was brilliantly refreshing to see supporting characters, like Agent Gilmour, developed in their own character arcs that don’t feel forced but still tie into the main plot. Plus, there’s a rip-roaring bathroom fight scene that easily rivals action packed movies like Mission Impossible and Casino Royale. Once Gilmour digs deeper with his own investigation – the mystery of Alistair’s doppelganger inches closer, as someone else finally has a realisation.

Look away from ‘mainstream’ comics for a second, and take a chance on Lion Forge. Because right now, this is easily one of the most interesting character break-downs around. It looks at the toll of being a hero after being put through something so traumatic. How would you cope? The real world setting helps put the reader in a sympathetic place for what these characters are constantly grappling with. While the plot is being carefully pulled to accommodate multiple issues, it never once feels stretched. And with excellent artwork, you shouldn’t miss KINO #11.

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