Okay. We thought this series was crazy enough as it is, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5 proved us wrong. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better for the two teams. The lines are completely redrawn in this issue, as we see the members of the Squad go up against the possessed versions of the Justice League. It’s hugely compelling to see the heroes in completely villainous roles taking over the country. It’s like what Evil Heroes from Zenescope attempted to do, but this is a hell of a lot better. The issue shows just formidable the group can be when their allegiances change.

It’s worth noting that whilst usually Batman takes centre stage in events like this, the main characters are essentially Amanda Waller and Max Lord. They’re the ones driving the plot forward consistently and morphing it into what it becomes at the end of┬áJustice League vs. Suicide Squad #5. Some of the elements in the issue felt a little hamfisted, like Batman declaring the Suicide Squad as part of the Justice League. But, seeing them work together with the Caped Crusader did feel like a great match up.

The emergence of a brand new villain at the end of the issue felt like the natural evolution from Maxwell Lord’s plan, and it certainly leads off in a genuinely intriguing plot point. Especially since the villain is actually one pulled from DC history. For new fans, this is his introduction – for older fans, it’s a reappearance. It’s certainly going to change the landscape of the series for the final issue and perhaps beyond given the consequences of using the ‘Heart of Darkness’. Overall,┬áJustice League vs. Suicide Squad #5 feels like the climactic, violent end to a movie and it’s action packed. If you’re looking for a fast paced issue that flips the generic superhero roles on their head, this is one not to miss.

8.9 Awesome
  • Plot 8.7
  • Action 9
  • Flipped roles 9

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