The violence escalates during Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4 as it’s one version of the Squad versus another. And the older team definitely seem to outmatch the others. The violence and action across the issue doesn’t leave much room for plot, but surprisingly develops a select few of its characters in intriguing ways. Even just the conversation between The Flash and Captain Boomerang as they worked together flowed perfectly. It proved that this high concept issue still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Speaking of teamwork, the scene shared between Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman was genuinely nothing short of brilliant. Of course Harley would be the only one to look into the face of insanity unscathed. It’s the smaller moments scattered across Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4 that show us just how well these characters can perform when given the chance to stand out from the group. The danger with a team up story like this, is that many of the characters can become swallowed up in the noise. So far, Joshua Williamson is balancing this huge roster quite well.

The ending is certainly pretty dramatic. With Batman taking out a classic DC character, it carries a lot of weight. Although it doesn’t seem like they’ll be gone for too long. The climax of the issue pushed Killer Frost forward. She’s definitely being moved to become a more prominent character. Maxwell Lord seemingly triumphs and it looks like the plot will circle back round to the League vs the Squad once more. This will come with a twist of its own. Although that twist does feel very much like a simplistic plot device to enable more superheroic scraps. We’ll give credit where it’s due though, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #4 is hugely entertaining. It’s a very loud fast paced comic that isn’t afraid to blow your head off.

8.9 Action packed
  • Plot 8.8
  • Harley vs. Johnny Sorrow 9.5
  • Obvious plot device 7.5
  • Smaller character moments 9.5
  • Action 9

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