It’s safe to say that Amanda Waller and Batman have never really gotten along. Well in Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #3, that relationship doesn’t really get any better. Afterall, she did just imprison the team in Belle Reve. Seeing the two intimidating characters face off against each other is nothing less than brilliantly enigmatic. And that’s what makes Waller such a truly intriguing character. She’s ballsy enough to face down Batman without a flinch, and still be completely unwavering in her decisions. It’s clear that she’s one to keep an eye on.

The Squad themselves actually have a good laugh across the course of Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #3, mainly at the expense of the League. There’s some genuinely fantastic poetic irony really, seeing the criminals taunt the team whilst the heroes are imprisoned. And whilst it doesn’t stay that way for long as the sub plot begins to be explored a little further, it still makes for great reading. Especially when they all start baiting each other. It’s smaller moments like those that make this series as great as it is. Sure, the action packed sequences are great. But just the conversational quippy interactions between heroes and villains is fantastically written.

The most intriguing part of the two teams actually lies with newcomer Killer Frost and her take down of Superman back in the previous issue. That exploration of her actions and the realisation that she has undiscovered powers shows a depth to the character that develops her story in a great direction. But since we’re currently halfway through the series, Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad #3 takes the back half of the issue to outline the larger looming threat that’s on the horizon. The revelation towards the end of the book is at first a bit of a surprise – but it’s also not a huge shock reveal either. Overall, this issue has it’s genuinely unique points, and promises to deliver on bigger things further down the line. We’re still impressed with how well executed this series is..

9.0 Great
  • Superman + Killer Frost 9
  • Sub-Plot 8.5
  • Amanda Waller 9.5

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