Whilst some of Justice League: Rebirth #1 felt a little stereotypical, it’s a step in the right direction.

The problem with most team stories, is that most of the thought and time goes into writing the set-up of all the different characters and leaves the finale weak and unstable. However, since this is essentially the culmination of most of the other Rebirth titles (Batman, Superman, Green Lanterns, AquamanWonder Woman and The Flash) it works quite well. We get a little insight into Superman and his decision to join the fight. This decision has been bubbling away at home with Clark, Lois and Jon for the past two issues of the solo series – so it’s good to see that they’ve followed that up.

The annoying thing about the issue is the villain. It uses the typical ‘huge alien army that seems unstoppable’ trope that we’ve seen a million times before. And essentially the team just have to hit the kill switch in order to save the world. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace anyone? Avengers Assemble ringing any bells? It’s fantastic to see these characters on the page, and with the colours and art style – they look incredible. But it all feels a little two-dimensional.


Whilst it’s very easy to read without having read all the previous Rebirth titles, it just lacks the substance that the others do. It’s a very condensed version of a story that could’ve been a lot longer. But if this is just the start of a plot-line, where is it going to go? Hopefully the writers craft a new villain to combat the Justice League and don’t just pick Darkseid or The Anti-Monitor for the millionth time. Give the audience something fresh to get their hands on!

Having said that, Justice League: Rebirth #1 definitely brings back that feeling of hope that DC Comics has been lacking over the past few years. Especially the ending of the issue with the world’s praise of their heroes stepping in once again. It felt like a very positive ending compared to the tragic downfall of Superman in the end of The New 52.

Overall, Justice League: Rebirth #1 isn’t a terrible issue if you’re looking for action and adventure. But it’s a little lackluster in the plot department. Make sure you keep up with the latest DC Comics news and reviews here at Heroes Direct.

7.3 Adventurous

Whilst the issue is full of fighting and action, the plot department is definitely neglected.

  • Action 9
  • Alien Army trope 4
  • Plot 6
  • Hope and faith in the Justice League 10

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