Justice League: No Justice #4 sees a whole roster of heroes, villains and everyone in between attempt to stop the Earth from being eaten by the Omega Titans. It’s the culmination of the mini-series that deals with the consequences of DC: Metal after the Justice League accidentally cracked a hole in the Source Wall A.K.A. the edge of the Universe. And this is one action packed issue. The previous three issues have been the fast-paced buildup to the cosmic finale that puts the headlining DC heroes on several new paths.

The parts of the Justice League: No Justice #4 are the combinations of heroes and villain within separate teams. So much so that they help reinvigorate characters that sometimes get overlooked… That means you Martian Manhunter. The character dynamics between them are sometimes fantastic and even a little touching. Beast Boy and Lobo connecting over how to truly be destructive for the good of the team was a particular stand-out moment as we see Lobo become something of an unconventional teacher for the Teen Titan. And Green Arrow grappling with the moral complexities of saving the world alongside Amanda Waller gave the issue the depth it really needed.

And although Justice League: No Justice #4 does give that huge, bombastic ending that a team-up series like this deserves, it does feel swamped by scale of the threat. Considering the Dark Multiverse threat was meant to be the biggest cosmic evil the heroes had ever faced (and was an incredibly fun story), the Omega Titans seem to over shadow that. But where does the DC Universe draw the line? They seem to keep going bigger and inventing larger than life threats with each passing event. Plus, theres no real connection between the reader and the villains of the series, the Omega Titans. At least with the outlying threats of Brainiac, Brainiac 2.0 and Amanda Waller the story gives us characters to understand or reason with their actions and motivations. And dare we say it, the Omega Titans do feel like akin to Marvel’s Galactus, since they’re essentially an ancient group of planet eaters. Luckily, the impressive action and connections between the heroes more than make up for this. After all, it’s not about who they’re fighting, but how it affects the future of the DC Universe.

Justice League: No Justice #4With Batman and the rest of the League restructuring around these new partnerships they’ve formed to combat threats, it’ll be interesting to see the real ramifications of No Justice. With the four Cosmic Trees left on Earth in the aftermath of the Omega Titans’ attack, it does beg the question what significance they will have in future stories down the line. And since Justice League #1 kickstarts next week it looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out. Plus, the new teams get their own titles coming in July with Justice League Odyssey #1 and Justice League Dark #1.

Whilst Justice League: No Justice #4 might not be a grounded, gritty story that DC seem to have a knack for (i.e. Green Arrow) this is a larger than life, blockbuster adventure that is easy to have fun with. Plus, let’s face it the Brainiac costumes for all of these heroes are pretty impressive. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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8.0 Fun Read

Whilst the villains might not be that captivating, the team-up aspects of this larger than the universe story make Justice League: No Justice definitely worth your time.

  • Story 7.5
  • Villains 5
  • Action 9.5
  • Team-ups 10

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