Justice League #8 sees the team get hijacked… again.

It’s take a while, but finally, we have an issue in this series which is actually enjoyable, and we don’t have to feel ridiculously disappointed by all aspects. Because it’s fair to say that the previous instalments have been a bit of a letdown. However, Justice League #8 deals with the consequences of the Watchtower and the Batcave being hacked – with explosive ramifications. And we think that the success of this issue can largely be put down to the fact that it isn’t trying to balance a whole host of characters – all vying for the spotlight.

Instead, the bulk of the story revolves around Cyborg, Batman and Alfred. Batman is getting some incredible storylines at the moment, with his own solo series proving to be a great read and the ‘All-Star Batman’ run is a near masterpiece. Some of the action sequences set inside the Batcave are nothing short of a thrill ride. If you ever wanted to see Batman pull a wheelie on a trials bike – this is the issue for you. Although Alfred certainly steals the limelight on more than one occasion – with both action and his signature British wit.

The end of the Justice League #8 sees whatever is hacking Cyborg… hack a Green Lantern ring. Obviously. Does this mean that the code or whatever is hacking the ring has will power? Maybe we’re looking too deep into it. Overall, the issue deals with the fall out of the attack from The Kindred in a very real way. It’s clear that the team aren’t quite over what happened. And it’s likely that this new mystery will only spin them further into their confusion. And whilst it’s annoying that we still haven’t been given any resolution as to who The Kindred are or what they really wanted with Earth – this issue is a lot more entertaining. Perhaps the writers need to stick with a focus of a couple of characters at a time instead of trying to spread themselves too thin.

Finally, an issue we actually enjoyed.

8.0 Enjoyable

The mystery deepens, but it's manages to be a good read.

  • Plot 8.5
  • Characters 9
  • Lack of answers 6.5

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